Group Programs

We offer two categories of group training programs. Our first program is for players between the ages of 10 years old and 18 years old. They are called “Super Training Sessions”. We only accept up to 6 players per session. We offer skill development for hitting, pitching, and fielding. We utilize up to 3 batting cages for our hitting and pitching sessions. For our fielding sessions, we will push back all of the batting cages and utilize the full floor space.

The concepts and principles we are teaching the players are advanced professional baseball skill patterns. Having a teacher’s background along with over 30 years of player development experience, we know how to simplify advanced professional movement patterns for even a 10-year-old to understand and utilize. The sooner they learn it, the faster their skill level will increase. Each session is 55 minutes in length and runs from 815pm to 910pm. When the school year ends, during the summer months, this program will run 1130am to 1225pm. Sometimes our sessions will run overtime depending on Coach Dave’s passion for development on particular nights!!
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The second group training program is called “Lil’ Slugger’s Club”. This program is for players between the ages of 3 years old and 6 years old. The purpose of this group is to introduce the movement patterns for hitting, pitching, and fielding. Having the experience of teaching professional baseball players, our goal is to softly direct players into movement patterns that mimic the patterns of MLB players. As far as hitting concepts, our goal is to teach these young hitters what really drives hitting outcomes and that is.., Eye to Hand Coordination. We want these players to learn as young as possible how to master their hitting timing and how to master reacting to space. This is extremely important. The younger they can learn about this the quicker they will improve their skill level. This group meets during the week for 55 minutes from 10am to 1055am. We only accept 6 players per session. Lil’ Slugger’s Club will start in September 2022!
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Group Class Options

Super Training Sessions

Ages: 10 to 18 years old
Fall Time: 815pm to 910pm
Mondays = Hitting
Tuesdays = Fielding
Wednesdays = Pitching
Thursdays = Hitting

Payment Choices:
One Visit = $75
Ten Visits = $55 each when you prepay $550

Lil’ Slugger’s Club Sessions
Ages: 3 to 6 years old
Time: 10am to 1055am
Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
Begins September 2022!

Payment Choices:
One Visit = $55
Five Visits = $45 each when you prepay $225
Ten Visits = $35 each when you prepay $350

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Location: Our indoor baseball/softball batting cages:
1601 County Road 1106
Anna, TX 75409