David Kirilloff

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After enjoying several successful college baseball seasons (Point Park College and the University of Pittsburgh), I began my coaching and player development career in 1992. My journey started out as an assistant baseball coach working alongside Coach Joe Schaly at Point Park College. As divine design would have it, I enjoyed another great opportunity while working alongside and learning from hitting coaching legend Frank Porco (Bethel Park, PA). Also, during these years I worked with the Pittsburgh Pirates Scouting Department and learned the fine craft of player evaluation. I have been a part of or owned our own indoor baseball/softball training facility for over 30 years!

The biggest transformation of my coaching career occurred in 2007. While coaching our summer collegiate team I had the inspiration from the HOLY SPIRIT to stop following the coaching crowd and begin to follow what JESUS CHRIST had already revealed to me when I was a player.., but now I needed to learn how to express it in a manner that other players would benefit.

From the hitter’s perspective, it’s hitting neuroscience. It’s learning how to TIME your EYES. And even more important, hitting is about TIMING your THOUGHTS and PROCESSING a moving ball. Next, hitters need to learn how to master SPACE! One more hitting note is this.., all SWING MECHANICS can be adjusted and altered from the DECELERATION Side of the Swing!

Our pitching philosophy is held together by first understanding what is your pitcher’s natural way to use the slope of the mound. After this is learned, we apply the TIMING rules that are associated with the pitcher’s natural slope patterns and his pitching model. Combining these patterns with teaching the pitcher how to master stretch-reflex positions that promote elastic energy all the while trying to hit a PRE-DETERMINED SPACE!!

The infield philosophy we use derives from one of the most prominent infield skill eras which occurred during the early/mid-2000s. Today’s infield skill teachers overlook and undervalue some of the essential infield skills that were practiced by some of our game’s finest Latin middle infielders during that era!

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Additional Notes: I am married to a wonderful woman who loves Jesus Christ (Laura Kirilloff). Together we raised two wonderful children now adults (Alex and Sophia). Sophia was once a terrific baseball player but has traded in her baseball spikes and is now enjoying being married and living in Colorado! Our son Alex is the most recognized student in our baseball school. Alex currently resides in Florida and is playing baseball for the Minnesota Twins.

Location: Our indoor baseball/softball batting cages:
1601 County Road 1106
Anna, TX 75409

Mondays through Saturdays… 8:30am to 9:30pm
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