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Our indoor facility and monthly membership programs are designed for baseball and softball players who are serious about their training. Our facility has 5 batting cages that are 15 feet wide. We will have 2 dedicated batting cages (70 feet long) for our membership holders. On some occasions, we will have 3 batting cages (70 feet long) devoted to our players with memberships.
Each membership dedicated batting cage has a Hack Attack Machine with an automatic ball feeder.
Each membership dedicated batting cage has a Jugs Super Softball Machine with an automatic ball feeder.
Portable-Pitching Mound is also available for members to use.

Membership players will have the privilege of using and reserving a batting cage any 4 out of 7 days a week for 30 minutes.
When their daily batting cage time has expired, the player is allowed to stay and use the adjacent batting cage for 30 extra minutes if the cage is available. In order to properly accommodate our monthly members, we are limiting the number of players that can have monthly memberships to only 95 players. Once we reach our membership capacity, additional members will be added to our waiting list.

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Monthly Memberships Options

We offer several Monthly Membership Options.
Click and Select from the Options Box Below.

1 Month = $95 per month
3 Months = $85 per month when you prepay $255 in full.
12 Months = $55 per month when you prepay $660 in full.

Monthly Membership
*Note: With every first-time membership and renewal, there is a $25 administration fee.

Batting Cage Rental Options
15 Minutes Batting Cage Rental = $15
30 Minutes Batting Cage Rental = $30
60 Minutes Batting Cage Rental = $60
**contact Dave Kirilloff to schedule all batting cage rental appointments**
412-287-6689 call or text!

Location: Our indoor baseball/softball batting cages:
1601 County Road 1106
Anna, TX 75409