**Roster Update**
Each Team Will Roster Only 11 Players.

10u Team has 8 Spots Open!
13u Team Has 7 Spots Open!

Hello! This is Dave Kirilloff. I am the Owner/Director of the Kirilloff Baseball School in Anna TX. Welcome to our NORTH TEXAS TWINS Team Page! We are currently offering players roster spots on our 10u and 13u FALL 2024 Teams!
Our AMBITION is to ‘develop’ your sons into becoming high-level baseball players.

In addition to developing your sons as ball players, our bigger goal is to develop them into becoming young responsible men who will love and serve Jesus Christ. While using a baseball platform, our aim is to teach these young players to honor Jesus Christ, desire to be closer to HIM, read the HOLY BIBLE, honor their parents, and be mindful of the people around them and of the needs of those who cross their path. This is a high calling for myself and for our assistant coaches. We hold ourselves accountable to our team parents, players, and mostly to our Savior Jesus Christ, to act in a manner that is outlined in the Holy Bible.

My Coaching Background Includes:
(*Note* Dave Kirilloff will be the Manager of both teams.)
*Over 32 years of Baseball Coaching and Facility Owner/Director Experience.
*Four years of coaching college baseball.
*Almost 20 years of operating a travel team organization. Our program age levels have ranged from college players to 10u players.
*Regional Director of the USA BASEBALL NTIS Program.
*Assisted in the Scouting Department / Pittsburgh Pirates
*Our most notable player who benefited from our program is my son Alex Kirilloff / Minnesota Twins.
*Developer of a nationally recognized hitting system
*Travel throughout the country hosting various baseball training events.

10u and 13u Fall Season Notes:
*Our team will be coached by Dave Kirilloff and assistants.
*Tryouts for a roster spot are ongoing until the roster is full.
*The teams will only roster 11 players per team.
*Team practices will be held at our 5200 sq. feet indoor training facility and on our adjacent 100ft x 100ft infield.
*Our team will practice on Wednesdays: 10u (530pm to 700 pm), and 13u (715pm to 845pm).
*Our team will practice on Sundays: 10u (300pm to 430pm), and 13u (500pm to 630pm).
*The Fall Season Uniform Package includes / one practice shirt, one game jersey, and one game cap.
*Players are asked to wear white baseball pants.
*Players are asked to wear a navy blue belt.
*If players like to wear their pants high, please wear navy blue socks.
*Both 10u and 13u Fall Teams will begin practice on Wednesday, August 21, 2024.
*Both 10u and 13u Teams are slated to play in a 5-week Competitive DOUBLE HEADER Select Baseball League in our area!
* The Tournament dates are yet to be determined..but, our Fall Season is projected to conclude near the end of October.
*Closer to the end of the fall season, information regarding our spring/summer select program will be announced!

*Please email Dave Kirilloff ( the following information…
*Player’s Name / Current Age and Birthday / Top 2 Positions / Bats? Throws? / Parents Name and Cell Phone…
*Send Dave Kirilloff game video either by email, web links…or, if you have an iPhone, send a direct text message. We would like to see your son’s baseball actions as they work in a LIVE-GAME setting. Please send clips of your son, hitting, pitching, fielding, and running all occurring during a game. If necessary, send multiple clips. And if you’re handy with video, send us an edited clip of all of these actions.
*Set up with Dave Kirilloff a day/time you’re available to come in and discuss a roster spot.

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Monthly Payments are scheduled to be made: on September 17, and October 17, 2024.