Define Your Hitting Priorities!

Define your hitting priorities. I mean keep it simple. For instance, you’re standing at home plate in a real game. You have a bat in your hands. How are you going to get the ball to land on your bat? Does your hip tell the bat where to go? Does your shoulder tell the bat where to go? Do your hands tell the bat where to go? The answer is..NO, to all of those possibilities!

The true answer is your BRAIN, is telling the body where to swing the bat! So, when does the BRAIN know where to swing the bat? When the brain tells the eyes to move into position and get ready to READ the information from the ball, that’s when the BRAIN knows where to swing the bat. And that should be your highest priority as a hitter, “FIND THE BALL & PROCESS THE BALL…” How long does it take you as a hitter to figure out the rate of speed the ball is traveling at AND…, what location is the ball going to end up in when it should connect with the bat?

This all sounds relatively simple but.., is it? Let’s work together to help your son or daughter to improve their HITTING PERCEPTION, their HITTING CONSISTENCY, and their overall HITTING PRODUCTION..because, their baseball/softball destiny is waiting in the balances!

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