Hitting Event / Listen To What We Are Teaching Hitters!

I partner with groups and travel teams to help them develop high-level hitters. The backbone of our hitting development is “Hitting-Perception”. What is hitting perception? Hitting Perception is the batter’s ability to utilize he’s senses in order to react and respond to a moving pitch. Hitting Perception involves a batter having to format quickly the ball’s SPEED, SPACE, and DEPTH it’s passing through. Teaching hitting perception is a very delicate and individualized process that requires the teacher/coach to have a compressive understanding of the various patterns or options to select from that will best serve any particular hitter.

This process of teaching players about hitting perception involves principles such as: hitting tempo, hitting model, identifying the pitcher’s common denominator, your ideal visual pattern of watching the pitcher, and comprehension of predetermined spaces. The next element we go over is swing mechanics. Players are taught how to fix any type of swing problem by correctly using one of nine models/patterns for SWING DECELERATION! This is the most natural way to fix swing mechanics issues.

I strongly recommend we share together a discussion about how we can partner together to help the hitting development of your group or team.