Hitting Research You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

How is this for “hitting-research”?
Find someone who has good vision.
Put a pair of BLURRY GLASSES on him.
Only keep ONE light on above the pitcher..and, only ONE light on above the batter.
This leaves a dark path for the ball to travel across! What is the purpose of this lab test? It is to demonstrate to the batter, while you’re trying to hit a moving ball, to generate a successful outcome, you will use MORE… PERCEPTION skills than you use VISION skills!

For over 30 years I’ve been researching what separates elite hitters from good hitters. I’ve been researching the theory.., “if we could open up the BRAIN of an elite hitter while he’s hitting a ball, and learn how the elite hitter is FORMATTING the FLIGHT PATH of the ball..and, identify what the elite hitter RELIES ON to create elite hitting outcomes.., can we then TEACH these concepts to good hitters..or even to, mediocre hitters? I believe WE CAN teach these to other hitters who are not so gifted.

One concept our research/tests proved elite hitters rely on so heavily is PERCEPTION! And yes.., we can teach hitters how to become MORE sensitive to the skill of “timed-hitting-perception”.

Our 6.0 Best Hitting Drill EVER, is one of our ONLINE Hitting Courses that profiles “timed-hitting-perception”. This online hitting course is almost 6.5 hours in length. This course features hitting drills and hitting concepts most coaches and players often undervalue and ignore all together.

Isn’t time you step away from being categorized as a “common” hitter and begin to be recognized as an ELITE HITTER? Common people do.., common things. Uncommon people do.., uncommon things. ELITE HITTERS ARE UNCOMMON!

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