How To Defuse Nervousness!

A big problem good hitters experience from time to time is with getting nervous while their batting in a LIVE GAME. The umpire is behind home plate. The catcher has his full gear on. The pitcher is not throwing batting practice cupcakes instead, he’s throwing sharp-breaking curveballs. There are runners on base. I’m competing with another teammate for a starting position. I can’t mess up. I have to do good!

These are some of the thoughts that quickly run through a hitter’s head when he’s on the on-deck circle and then batter’s box. Can psychology help this? Maybe. What about neuroscience? YES! Most of the external, over-thinking thoughts a batter fights are taking place in the frontal lobe of the brain. Neuroscientists provide answers to cooling down the frontal lobe of the brain and defusing distractions.