Part 1- Getting Disconnected With the Flight Path

My research in the hitting laboratory leads me to believe there are only 2 reasons why hitters fail at home plate. Reason #1 is that hitters get AMBUSHED by the ball and become challenged with deciphering the ball’s speed and space. Reason #2 is that hitters get TOO EXCITED to hit the ball and try to SMASH the ball.

This creates a disconnection with the ball’s flight path which often leads to a poor hitting outcome. The disconnection usually occurs during the LAST 5 FEET of the ball’s flight path. Evidence of this occurring can be seen while watching the hitter’s face. Somewhere near the last 5 feet of the ball’s flight path, you can see the hitter’s face “flinch” abruptly. This flinch indicates that he is taking his mind and taking his eyes off of the ball’s flight path and where the ball’s path will END! This video deals with Reason #2