We are extremely excited about this program because it is going to propel your son’s Baseball Player Development Skills at a faster pace! Our BASEBALL DEVELOPMENT CLUB places a strong emphasis on skill building in the areas of infield, outfield, throwing, pitching, and of course hitting.

For the infield-outfield-throwing portion of the session, we will utilize our full 100ft. x 100ft. field, which sits outside next to our facility. This full-size infield allows older players to practice on the same size infield as they do in their games.

For the pitching and hitting portion we will use our indoor training center.

The session length = 80 Minutes!

AGES/SCHEDULING/CAPACITY: All player ages are invited to participate in our BASEBALL DEVELOPMENT CLUB..but, upon scheduling a session, we will discuss the skill level of your player to identify if this program would be a good fit for his needs. The same way you currently schedule your ONE-ON-ONE Lessons (via text, email, phone call), is the same fashion you can be added to this BASEBALL DEVELOPMENT CLUB.

Session Capacity will not exceed 8 players. If player attendance is 3 players or less, the session length will be adjusted to 60 minutes.

PAYMENTS: We will use the same payment plan for BASEBALL DEVELOPMENT CLUB, as we do for our ONE-ON-ONE Lessons. Now, you can pick and choose whether or not you want to attend a 40-minute session or.., attend an 80 MINUTE SESSION!

During the school year, our BASEBALL DEVELOPMENT CLUB meets..,
*SATURDAYS*…9am to 1020am
*SUNDAYS* … 4pm to 520pm

(**NOTE** When the school season ends, BASEBALL DEVELOPMENT CLUB will meet, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1030am to 1150am)