Does Your Son Have What It Takes..HITTING?

Does your son have what it takes to be a good hitter? Your son has been playing baseball for a while but he consistently struggles to be a good hitter. He takes hitting lessons once a week. He practices with his batting tee.

He does all the hitting drills he’s told to do. And still, after all of this, he’s just a mediocre hitter. His hitting coach keeps talking about his swing mechanics. Do yourself a favor and ask is hitting coach, “… How does the ball end up on the bat?” If the coach says ..” he needs to have better swing mechanics and he has to get his bat on plane” and you tell him “..his swing mechanics are fine his bat is on plane, so tell me why does he still get meager hitting results?”

The answer your son is looking for is explained through the neuroscience of hitting. Your son needs to work on mastering the pattern of timing his vision.